2019 Layouts
Saturday 24th October 2020: 10.00am to 5.00pm
& Sunday 25th October 2020: 10.00am to 4.00pm
Aberdeen Kirkhill
OO Gauge with 29ft viewing length
The original Aberdeen Kirkhill Traction and Rolling Stock Depot layout made its exhibition debut in 2010 featuring only the depot. This upgraded version was new in 2017 and whilst it retains many of the features of the original layout, it has been extended to enable the depiction the East Coast Mainline running behind the depot. This means that in addition to the depot movements, it is now possible to watch a variety of trains passing the depot on their journeys to the north or south.
Aberdeen Kirkhill Aberdeen Kirkhill
Angell Creek
ON30 Gauge with 16ft viewing length
Angell Creek depicts a river dock on the Doe river in Tennessee with all the usual industries one would find on any major waterway in the 1940s-1950s.
Angell Creek Angell Creek
N Gauge with 11ft viewing length
Beckton is based upon West Coast mainline operations in the 1989-1992 period, it is set fictionally between Penrith and Carlisle. The layout is DCC controlled with many sound fitted locomotives and multi aspect signalling. A variety of freight and passenger workings will be seen including terminating trains and a large range of motive power being refuelled and serviced on the local TMD.
Beckton Beckton
OO Gauge with 18ft viewing length
Bewdley is based on the real station location on the Severn Valley Railway heritage line in the West Midlands. The layout depicts the station in the period from 1958 to 1969 with three platforms, and loops to allow trains to pass for the single line branches to Shrewsbury, Kidderminster, Worcester, Tenbury Wells and Hartlebury.
Bewdley Bewdley
OO Gauge with 8ft viewing length
Situated somewhere in the Forest of Dean, Bicsdale is a fictional place where one of the typical drift coal mines is operating in the Forest in the 1950s. Originally built to serve a somewhat remote nearby small township, the mine has a connection from the Ross and Monmouth railway and there is still plenty of passenger traffic with station facilities and a timber merchant also on hand.
Bicsdale Bicsdale
Bodmin General
N Gauge with 13ft viewing length
Bodmin General is set in the steam era of the 1950s, and represents a through working terminus, on the line from Bodmin Road to the withered arm of Southern Railway at Wadebridge and is based on measurements taken at the site. The main station building is still in existence as a railway preservation area while all other buildings have been recreated from photographs and descriptions published in books and have been covered in real stone gathered from the site.
Bodmin General Bodmin General
Brighton East
EM Gauge with 14ft viewing length
Brighton East is 4mm/ft using EM gauge track and depicts a Southern Region terminus in the period loosely around 1998 to 2003 where 3rd rail EMUs prevailed on passenger services. The layout is not a prototypical rendition, the space was not available to do that, but it hopefully gives a flavour of the small restricted terminus that was Kemp Town.
Brighton East Brighton East
Bromeberrow Asphalt Company
009 Gauge with 5ft viewing length
Set in the late 1990s to early 2000s and depicts an Asphalt mixing plant, dryer, tar holding tanks, dust primary collector a filter/bagging house, aggregate bins and conveyors. There is a small preserved section of the line that used to serve the Bromeberrow Asphalt Company`s main production works.
Bryn Coed
009 Gauge
A fictitious Welsh narrow gauge line set in the late 1960's to earley 1970's. The railway passes a campsite, loosely based on Carry on Camping.
Bunbury Junction
OO Gauge with 15ft viewing length
Problem: How can you fit a main line into a limited space? Bunbury Junction is an attempt to find an answer to the problem. The layout comprises a main line and junction without a station or goods yard. The junction could lead to a passenger, industrial or dock branch. The location is Eastern Region BR somewhere in East Anglia and set between 1957 & 1962.
Crossley Scrap
OO Gauge with 8ft viewing length
Crossley scrap is a micro scrapyard themed layout based on the real location of Crossley and Evans scrap yard in Shipley, West Yorkshire around the late 1980's to the mid 1990's. A variety of locomotives and scrap wagons typical of the era will be on view.
Crossley Scrap Crossley Scrap
Draycott Lane
N Gauge with 4ft viewing length
Draycott Lane shows what can be achieved in a small space in N gauge, it is ideal for those wanting to watch trains go by and have a small operating area to allow for some shunting moves to occur. The layout fits neatly under a standard bed, and is designed to showcase what can be fitted into a normal teenagers bedroom. The stock used on the layout is from the 1950`s & 1960`s British Railways Southern and Western regions
N Gauge with 8ft viewing length
Elmfield is a small quiet town in Worcestershire on the edge of the Black Country which prospered when coal was discovered in the early 19th century. Unfortunately the coal ran out in the 1920s, but by then large deposits of fireclay had been found and the production of firebricks and pipes had become the main industry. The model depicts the station and exchange sidings in the early 1960s before the Beeching axe removed the passenger services in 1964. The use of firebricks and clay pipes was also in severe decline and goods traffic ceased completely on the closure of the works in 1967.
Elmfield Elmfield
Evercreech New
O Gauge with 50ft viewing length
The layout features the Evercreech New station on the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway. One end of the layout features a full length Prestleigh Viaduct with the twin tunnel bridges in Cannards Grave Cutting as the scenic exit. The other end feature Pecking Mill Viaduct and will use the three arch occupation bridge that still exists between Pecking Mill and Evercreech New as the scenic exit. The buildings on the layout are by Allan Downes and use a fireclay mix to simulate the Mendip stonework.
Evercreech New Evercreech New
EM Gauge
The model portrays Hemyock, the terminus of the Culm Valley Light Railway in circa 1933, following completion of major alterations to the track layout to increase capacity. The model is to scale length but the severe curvature of the original has been straightened slightly and the creamery sidings realigned for practical purposes. It is hoped these fairly minor alterations do not detract from the special atmosphere of the prototype.
Hemyock Hemyock
009 Gauge
Hillbrow is an imaginary location somewhere in the south of England and features a small station which serves a small wood yard and local coal merchants.
Hillbrow Hillbrow
Kingmoor Park DRS
N Gauge with 8ft viewing length
Kingmoor Park DRS is a small DCC layout with an Anglian feel and is comprised of a small diesel depot with a through station. There is a selection of stock from DRS, West Coast and engineering examples with the occasional special movement.
Kingmoor Park DRS Kingmoor Park DRS
Lananta Quay
3mm mixed gauge 14.2/21 with 10ft viewing length
It is situated in North Devon/Cornwall and features a quay on wooden trestles tied up to which is a West Country smack. The sandy estuary has a small creek running under a timber bridge and passing nearby lime kilns. A small station serves the area with mixed gauge track, old 7 foot Broad Gauge and standard gauge. The period is from the late 1870s until the end of the broad gauge in 1892 and traffic includes both broad gauge and standard gauge passenger, freight and fish trains.
Lananta Quay Lananta Quay
Leigh St George
N Gauge with 8ft viewing length
Leigh St George is a terminus station on the end of a branch line which is with both passenger and freight trains. Leigh St George is also served by a small goods yard and a traction maintenance depot. Leigh St George Station was opened after the completion of the branch line, which connects commuters and goods to and from stations in and around Birmingham.
Leigh St George Leigh St George
Loftus Road
OO Gauge with 20ft viewing length
Loftus Road is a DCC suburban layout based on the West London line around Kensington, set in the period 1995 to the present day. A wide variety of stock to be utilised, with passenger traffic ranging from regular suburban and underground services to cross country north/south services including exclusive class 377 Electrostar EMUs. There are occasional diverted express services and steam rail tours in addition to a comprehensive array of freight workings.
Loftus Road Loftus Road
OO Gauge with 28ft viewing length
Modelled on the High Wycombe to Maidenhead branch and set in the late 1950s to early 1960s. The scene depicts the line being used as a diversionary route with the GWR/GCR mainline through Beaconsfield being closed for engineering works. As such, a wide variety of traffic can be seen alongside the more common traffic that used the line.
Loudwater Loudwater
OO Gauge with 10ft viewing length
Mutton is the only intermediate station on the EX-L&SWR Lamb Regis branch. The period modelled is that of 1955 to 1960 before the closure of the branch in 1965. Main motive power is provided by three Adams Radial 4.4.2T engines retained for the branch though other motive power is available.
Mutton Mutton
Old Elms Road
OO Gauge with 30ft viewing length
Old Elms Road is a fictitious location on a busy Western Region secondary mainline between Berkshire and Hampshire. The layout depicts the 1956 to 1962 period and as well as the usual Western Region traffic it also sees a number of inter regional workings and freight services travelling to and from the Southern region. As well as the main line, the station is served by two branch lines. One of which is a Southern Region electrified line which was diverted into Old Elms Road station when the old Southern railway terminal on the other side of town was closed just after World War 2.
Old Elms Road Old Elms Road
Pig Dyke Farm
009 Gauge
This layout shows what can be fitted into a small space in 009 - basically a two foot square board with its own carrying handle. So there is no excuse for those who say they haven't got room for a model railway! It was built by Geoff Broadhurst and designed as a showcase for Rod Allcock's scratch built small diesels which will happily spend all day trundling around with a few skip wagons.
Pig Dyke Farm
OO Gauge with 24ft viewing length
The station features 3 full length platforms and 1 bay platform. Readham is set in a semi fictional region that 'allows' the operation of FGW/GWR, Cross Country and South West Trains/South Western Railway. The station also sees a lot of freight movements, either straight through or held on platform 4 waiting for a path in between passenger operations. Although a Modern Image layout you will see the occasional 'Diesel Special' and a couple of kettles (Clan Line and Thomas Hardy) put in an appearance for steam specials. Our intention is to keep the station busy and our motto is "no timetable, just trains - a lot of them".
Readham Readham
Ryders Green Wharf
009 Gauge
The industrial areas of Birmingham have always featured a myriad of small engineering companies to support the heavier industry of its noisy neighbour, the Black Country. Ryders Green Wharf is the distribution point of one such industrial estate and utilises a narrow gauge railway system to transport goods and raw materials, both incoming and outgoing.
Ryders Green Wharf Ryders Green Wharf
Streatwell Green
OO Gauge with 7ft viewing length
Set in a fictional location somewhere in South-West London the layout depicts a small suburban terminus on the Southern Electric 3rd-rail network. Following extensive bomb damage in the last war the passing station was cut back to its present terminus and the tunnels beyond the station have been abandoned. Still busy with commuter and parcels traffic the line is set in the 1950s-60s period before any kind of post-war modernisation took place.
Streatwell Green Streatwell Green
The End of the Line
O/O14 Gauge with 5ft viewing length
The End of the Line represents the distribution point of a very small coal mining operation in the early 1960's. Never very busy, the output of the mine is divided between distant industry, transported away by rail and local demand which is handled by road haulage. The road haulage lorries are radio controlled and have been converted from commercially available die-cast models. The coal from the mine is delivered to the distribution point by a 2ft narrow gauge railway. The tipper wagons have been made to operate and discharge their load into either a conveyor or direct into a waiting standard gauge mineral wagon.
End of the Line End of the Line
OO Gauge with 9ft viewing length
The village of Tidworth increased in size with lots of homes constructed in the 1970s and 80s due to population demand in the Salisbury area, so much so that the previously military only railway line was upgraded and the station rebuilt in the mid-80s just as NSE came into being. NSE serves the station with the services from Reading that previously terminated at Bedwyn. The line sees much MoD traffic that reverses in the station to access the sidings close to Ludgershall. The SWITCH warehouse at Andover has been relocated to Tidworth to take advantage of the new development and receives a variety of traffic mainly in vans for onward road transport. Lastly ECC opened a new quarry near the station and slurry is loaded into silver bullets for onward movement.
Tidworth Tidworth
Tipyn O'Bopeth
009 Gauge
Tipyn O Bopeth is Welsh for 'A Bit of Everything' which covers the aim of this picture layout. It was built with the idea of showing the 009 Society's heritage collection of rolling stock and locomotives and any other items which members brought to shows which didn't fit into the context of other layouts.
Tipyn O'Bopeth
Tops Tor
N Gauge with 3ft viewing length
Imagine yourself on a windswept snow covered Dartmoor, above a small station stands the Church of All Saints Tops Tor. The branch line station is served by both the Great Western and Southern Railway companies and the trains continue to battle through the adverse conditions. The small but perfectly formed station has a signal box, three sidings, cattle dock and serves a small agricultural settlement high on Dartmoor.
Tops Tor Tops Tor
Westwood Yard
OO Gauge with 13ft viewing length
Westwood Yard is set in the mid-1980s and features a small household coal concentration yard on the lower level while the higher level features a single track branch leading to a small loco stabling point. The lower level coal concentration depot is based on the classic 'Inglenook' shunting puzzle and regularly sees a class 08 shunter working with the classic HEA hopper wagons of the mid-80s. Front operation provides the opportunity for audience participation at appropriate times during the show.
Westwood Yard Westwood Yard
009 Gauge
Another layout which demonstrates how little space you need to fit an interesting 009 layout into your home. If you are looking for tips to do something similar, please speak to the operator!
Yate Rocks Tramway
009 Gauge with 6ft viewing length
A narrow gauge mineral tramway based on a small route that connected limestone quarries near Wickwar with limekilns near Rangeworthy and ran alongside the Midland Railway Main Line north of Bristol. The layout is set at circa 1950 and features both steam and diesel locomotives.
Yate Rocks Tramway Yate Rocks Tramway
Zlata Vychod
HO Gauge with 22ft viewing length
Zlata Vychod is a fictitious station and location based in the north west corner of the Czech Republic next to the German border.
Zlata Vychod Zlata Vychod
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